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dictation test

as a record, today dictation words.


bjuda, bjuder, bjöd, bjudit
bli, blir, blev, blivit
dricka, dricker, drack, druckit
dö, dör, dog, dött
falla, faller, föll, fallit
finnas, finns, fanns, funnits
flyga, flyger, flög, flugit
frysa fryser, frös, frusit
få, får, fick, fått
förstå, förstår, förstod, förstått


woo to learning Swedish!



One month in

I'm enjoying my Swedish lessons, at least so far. I think I need to talk more to the people in my class, and maybe set up a study group, because while I understand most of everything I hear, actually putting sentences together is very hard for me, because I don't have anyone to practise with outside of class.

I have my first big test on Monday, and I haven't started studying yet. So many high school memories are coming flooding back, fitting since my 10 year reunion is later this month back in Australia. Maybe if I'd been able to afford college/university, my study habits would be better. As it is, I've been mostly distracted by NCIS and Justified. Damn tv, being all interesting.


Today turned out to not be orientation, but a quick test from one of the teachers to see where I was at reading/speaking/understanding Swedish. I had to say the alphabet, read a short passage of text out loud and then translate it, and then listen as she said a few words, while she checked how quickly I wrote them down, and how accurately I managed to spell them. I did well enough that she's recommending me for the fast track program, which is great.

Unfortunately, over the summer, the government cut their funding, so instead of two fast track classes running concurrently, they've been condensed into one, which is incredibly overfull. The teacher, Helene, said that those who were in the 'C' group before summer will be tested out into 'D' group by the end of September, and that I should get a place in 'C' then. I will get a letter or a phone call then to let me know when I can start.

It's a five-day-a-week course: Mon, Wed, Fri are morning classes (8-11), Tues & Thurs are afternoon (13-16). There's enough homework etc that even on the website they recommend not working while completing the course, because it will take up so much of your time. Given that I've been working non stop since high school (minus that one year when no one had any work), it will be good to have something to do again. I left my job in Australia on April 14th, went to Germany for two weeks for Kathrin's wedding, and have been in Sweden since April 30th. I need a job or a class, something to do to keep me occupied.

The only thing that has really kept my occupied and happy has been shopping, and I am almost through all of my savings. I'm looking online now at printers (which I need) and a microwave (which I want) and vacuum cleaner (which would be handy). Also, a TV. I should hit up the second hand stores in the area the rest of this week to see what's out there.


Long time, no update

So, I just remembered that I have this thing. Useful, since I bought a permanent account years ago. I don't think I've updated in a couple of years. Some things have changed, the biggest one being that I now live in Sweden.

I moved here about four months ago, I lived with my cousin for the first three months, moved in to my own apartment on the 1st August, and I start at SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) tomorrow. My Swedish is very limited at the moment. I can understand basic questions, and can answer most of them in Swedish, but to get a job, I have to be fluent, which is where SFI comes in. They told me when I registered back in June that it would maybe take me four-five months to move through the course, and at the end I get a certificate. Of course, living in the country, and moving through the city, dealing with store keeps etc is helping, but the course will really help with sentence structure and pronunciation. Sometimes the letter k is pronounced like 'sh', and sometimes not, and that's just one of the weird things that keeps throwing me. I did buy a 'Learn Swedish at Home' course that I started when I was still in Australia, but I am *not* a good teacher, and kept putting it off until later. I think once I start the course at the school, I'll be able to use my 'at home' course to supplement the knowledge, but having that environment of others around me is how I need to learn. I always have.

I should have remembered the time I was enrolled in a distance education course at high school to learn Japanese, after a year in a normal class that was cancelled because the enrollment numbers dropped from five to two. I suuucked at that course. I need to have a teacher standing over me, making me do it, and other people around to interact with. I can read and learn basic things, but I need that involvement of others to learn big things. Fingers crossed everything goes well tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, but only a little. Tomorrow is just orientation, to get my schedule.

The thing I'm most nervous about is finding my way to the Lärcentrum from my new apartment. I know how to get their from my cousins (I had to go there to register), so I'm thinking I might go to my cousins, and then to Lärcentrum from there, and then figure out how to get home direct afterwards. I really don't want to be late on my first day, and I figure on the way home, I can take as long as I want. Apparently it's only a 20min walk from my new place, but still.

So, I'm going to head to bed soon. I have to be there at 13:45 tomorrow, so I can take my time, but I want to be well rested.


holy crap, yay obama!

was watching on the telly at work and online checking on the ballots (fuck cali if it goes yes on 8) and then... the fucking power went out. now, two hours after, i'm at an internet cafe, mocha in hand (really, on desk) and just freaking out.

hell. yes.

today is so awesome.

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