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Long time, no update

So, I just remembered that I have this thing. Useful, since I bought a permanent account years ago. I don't think I've updated in a couple of years. Some things have changed, the biggest one being that I now live in Sweden.

I moved here about four months ago, I lived with my cousin for the first three months, moved in to my own apartment on the 1st August, and I start at SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) tomorrow. My Swedish is very limited at the moment. I can understand basic questions, and can answer most of them in Swedish, but to get a job, I have to be fluent, which is where SFI comes in. They told me when I registered back in June that it would maybe take me four-five months to move through the course, and at the end I get a certificate. Of course, living in the country, and moving through the city, dealing with store keeps etc is helping, but the course will really help with sentence structure and pronunciation. Sometimes the letter k is pronounced like 'sh', and sometimes not, and that's just one of the weird things that keeps throwing me. I did buy a 'Learn Swedish at Home' course that I started when I was still in Australia, but I am *not* a good teacher, and kept putting it off until later. I think once I start the course at the school, I'll be able to use my 'at home' course to supplement the knowledge, but having that environment of others around me is how I need to learn. I always have.

I should have remembered the time I was enrolled in a distance education course at high school to learn Japanese, after a year in a normal class that was cancelled because the enrollment numbers dropped from five to two. I suuucked at that course. I need to have a teacher standing over me, making me do it, and other people around to interact with. I can read and learn basic things, but I need that involvement of others to learn big things. Fingers crossed everything goes well tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, but only a little. Tomorrow is just orientation, to get my schedule.

The thing I'm most nervous about is finding my way to the Lärcentrum from my new apartment. I know how to get their from my cousins (I had to go there to register), so I'm thinking I might go to my cousins, and then to Lärcentrum from there, and then figure out how to get home direct afterwards. I really don't want to be late on my first day, and I figure on the way home, I can take as long as I want. Apparently it's only a 20min walk from my new place, but still.

So, I'm going to head to bed soon. I have to be there at 13:45 tomorrow, so I can take my time, but I want to be well rested.
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