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Today turned out to not be orientation, but a quick test from one of the teachers to see where I was at reading/speaking/understanding Swedish. I had to say the alphabet, read a short passage of text out loud and then translate it, and then listen as she said a few words, while she checked how quickly I wrote them down, and how accurately I managed to spell them. I did well enough that she's recommending me for the fast track program, which is great.

Unfortunately, over the summer, the government cut their funding, so instead of two fast track classes running concurrently, they've been condensed into one, which is incredibly overfull. The teacher, Helene, said that those who were in the 'C' group before summer will be tested out into 'D' group by the end of September, and that I should get a place in 'C' then. I will get a letter or a phone call then to let me know when I can start.

It's a five-day-a-week course: Mon, Wed, Fri are morning classes (8-11), Tues & Thurs are afternoon (13-16). There's enough homework etc that even on the website they recommend not working while completing the course, because it will take up so much of your time. Given that I've been working non stop since high school (minus that one year when no one had any work), it will be good to have something to do again. I left my job in Australia on April 14th, went to Germany for two weeks for Kathrin's wedding, and have been in Sweden since April 30th. I need a job or a class, something to do to keep me occupied.

The only thing that has really kept my occupied and happy has been shopping, and I am almost through all of my savings. I'm looking online now at printers (which I need) and a microwave (which I want) and vacuum cleaner (which would be handy). Also, a TV. I should hit up the second hand stores in the area the rest of this week to see what's out there.
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